Piergiorgio del Ben

BIO Born on the 3rd December 1990 in Pordenone. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Painting course in Venice, begins His artistic career, characterized by the investigation of people’s personality through their bonds with today’s society. During the time spent in Venice, he worked for the “Business Story” and project and gained the “Bevilacqua La Masa” prize. Later, he moved to Milano, where he simplied his artistic hand recreating minimal brush strokes that reect the tragedy of the painted subject/point out the tragedy in the subjects he painted. The Collection ‘Anonymous Project’ awarded him many recognitions, such as the ‘Artelaguna Prize’ in the under 25 category and the ‘Premio Arte- Academy section. Currently Piergiorgio carries continues his artistic research with ‘MIND VOGUE’, a new collection of works investigating the invidual’s dismay in the world of fashion.

Mind Vogue

Everything is said to have its origin in our mind. What we human beings call life begins and ends there, a place where our identity is layered in time like the circles in a tree trunk or the waves from a pebble that's dropped in the water. A control deck that gives us the infinite power to make things happen or not in our path. Our ambitions, our dreams, our wishes and our image. Indeed, our image too. These works linger on a concept of image that arises from our mind. Are we really sure that we give the impression we want to give? Are we sure that people, from outside, see us the way we think or wish? Our primal fear of the unknown mingles with our selfish desire to be remembered in this universe, to be more than just another number. The tyranny of fashion that dispersonalises our real self. But if we took a  second to think, we'd realise that we are already something else, we don't need to be more than what we are and we don't need mortal tricks to get away with it. Tricks such as fashion. In these paintings we see people that could be fashion victims and we can see how their eyes are not perceivable, being covered by shapes and colours. What covers them takes their identity away, making them become just another number which is the opposite of what they longed for. Is that because they obeyed foolishly what fashion ordered? We don't know but we can almost see a wall between them and those who look at them, a wall that makes their mind inaccessible and communication impossible. Like shut windows, their eyes are blindfolded and their soul is trapped in a narrow mind. It would like to get out but it can't. How can we enjoy our journey with our eyes closed?



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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