Pedro Lobo

Pedro García was born in Murcia (1983), where he studied at the School of Design. He completed his training at IED Madrid and at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.He has worked as a designer for firms such as Ion Fiz,
Titis Clothing and with the theater company La Tristura. Also as a stylist for advertising, short films and video clips from groups such as La Buena Vida.In 2007, with her final project, she created Pedro y el Lobo, the firm that presents the first clothing collection: Instrumental, her first collection at the Mustang Fashion Week, F.I.B. (International Festival of Benicassim). "Forest", second collection, presentation in Pasarela Abierta Murcia, in 2008. In 2014, he returned to the firm as Pedro Lobo, under a new concept and image. With this signature he presents his collection "Historia No1" in MMOD Murcia Open Design. In 2015 the project continues to grow with the "Historia No2" collection presented at the Párraga Center, Murcia. In 2016, the "Historia Nº3" collection was launched, also presented at the Párraga Center, Murcia. Giving continuity to the projectthat continues in constant evolution. In 2017 he presents the Historia No. 4 collection in the Centro Párraga. Pedro is consolidated as one of the founders of “Bloque”, design and art platform. And win the CREAMURCIA 2017 award. He is currently producing the new collection: “Historia No5” that he will present in September 2019 at Bloque, (Centro Párraga). At the same time he is working on costumes for theater, uniforms and commissions.

Pedro Lobo is a clothing brand for men and women, created by the Murcian designer Pedro García. Each collection starts from an autobiographical base and the fusion of opposing concepts reaching a harmonious whole, forming stories. From local production and artisanal process. Functional design of clean cuts with very careful details.


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