ONESLUTRIOT is London based artist, who lives and creates in London. She specializes in war through painting & drawing, obscene illustration and murals, and dark &melancholic tattoo art. Oneslutriot chose to hide her identity and stay anonymous in protest of now-er days selfies obsessed narcissist culture. Oneslutriot believes that art should carry out the message Ð not the appearance of the artist. In her shows she often performs as part of the artwork, rather than putting herself in the front of the artwork as so many in-love-with-themselves artists do these days.


My art could be described as post-modern paintings, but the inspiration in my art comes from old masters paintings and etchings, bacchanalia and hedonism, touched by influences from German expressionist and modern painters of 20th century. These paintings are artistic mirror for this sad, sad injustice and mass subconscious rape of our bodies and mental health.These pieces indirectly remind the viewer to question their subconscious. It contains often slightly deformed yet anatomically rich bodies, grotesque poses and juxtaposition, that Êsinks the viewer into dark mysterious reflective realities, and delivers the feeling of the unknown - the feeling of danger.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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