Oliver Doe

Oliver Doe is a transmedia artist-curator based in Newcastle who explores queer visibility, considering the ways LGBTQ+ lives and cultures can be manifested through levels of abstraction. Oliver works between painting, poetry, sculpture, curation, and altered objects. Recent exhibitions include group exhibitions at TESTT Space, Durham; Vane, Newcastle; ICW, Blackpool; and 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield; and Old Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick. He was recently afforded an exhibition at Bradley University Galleries in Peoria, USA, and has been commissioned to create a solo exhibition at Abject 2 Gallery, Newcastle, for Curious Arts Festival 2018.

I dream that you're still paying attention

I dream that you're still paying attention' explores visibility of LGBTQ+ bodies in contemporary visual culture. Using domestic gloss paint on a ground of translucent polyester, usually used as dressmaking lining, the work renders bodies in both positive and negative space simultaneously, the figure being both painted and unpainted, opaque and transparent. The painting questions how visible queer bodies, sex, and gender really are in the images we see every day. The confused sense of space queers our reading of the figure in contemporary painting, abstracting the body to mere form, and the use of domestic materials queers our notions of High Cultural expectations.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

I dream that you_re still paying attention, 2017, Gloss paint on polyester, 73x99cm.jpg
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