Morgan Dowdall

Morgan Dowdall is an artist specialised in ceramics. His work explores notions of intimacy through the male body and aims to subvert the tradition of the female form being used as both subject and object. The medium of ceramics allows the artist to explore these ideas through both sculptural pieces or utilitarian objects such as plates - better linking them to the domestic.
Morgan grew up in South Wales and graduated from Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art & Design in 2018.


I have two bodies of work.
The first is made up of ceramic sculptures that celebrate the responsiveness of both skin and clay, blurring the lines between body and object. The sculptures are one-off pieces that come together to create variable domestic scenes. The clays used range from white earthenware, terracotta, porcelain and earthenware slips.
My other body of work utilizes handmade aesthetics to produce functional and decorative ceramics adorned with naked male bodies that can be both sexual and humorous. The works are slip decorated terracotta - they are my way of celebrating sexuality.
All of my work is infused with a queer sensibility, that can at times be both cutting-edge but also references the historic and well-known.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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