Megan Visser

Megan Visser is a multi-disciplinary artist that lives and works in London and graduated from UAL Wimbledon College of Arts and received a BA in Fine Art: Painting.

Her practice explores themes of gender and commodity in an increasingly digital society. Through acts of camp beautification, she manifests ambiguous male/female ‘characters’ in order to explore the politicized readings of the ways in which we, as humans, exert our attentions to selfhood.

Recent shows include ‘PC4PC’, 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, 2017; ‘UK Young Artists, Placement and Displacement: Korea 2017’, Seoul Museum, South Korea, 2017; ‘Coyote Ugly’ Galeria Alecrim50, Lisbon, Portugal.


In my work the sensual and surreal are mixed together with a comic twist to form the backbone of an inquiry into the subjects of gender, eroticism and commodity.

By making reference to motifs from TV cooking shows, DIY relaxation techniques, cosmetic advertisement’s, and the new culture of commercialised self help, I wanted to blur the boundaries and play with images that hold multiple meanings and question incongruities though humour. By creating a strange and giddy fake world that follows a odd logic - allows for a critical distance of the real world that explores how acts of constructing identity and our manipulation of the self-image.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019