Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood was born Lincolnshire, England in 1991. Matt recently graduated from Falmouth University in 2017 with a First Class Honours degree in Photography and currently works as a photographer at Tate Galleries, London. His work has been exhibited globally, including Falmouth, London and more recently at the National Assembly Building of Seoul, Korea.

Field Work

Matt Greenwood's main interests focus around sculpture and photography, and in particular, the conversation that arises when we perceive the photograph as a physical object, which could become manipulated further to alter our perception of the printed image. He uses the studio environment to assist in the record of his sculptures, by allowing the physical constructs to be witnessed only through this particular documentation. This disruption of viewing a sculpture renders each image a visual record of the event, questioning if the final photograph is the concluding artwork; or if the object seen within the image is the main art construct. The photograph is able to alter our ordinary experiences of how we could approach a sculpture within a space, resulting in the relationship between the surface and structure to become less predictable.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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