Marija Sukovic

In elementary school and in high school i won a lot of awards for my literature work, and then i started to write for school magazine and i was editor also. Later, during my studies, i worked for magazine for culture and art „Kultivisi se!“, i wrote theater articles, and articles about great artists i personally like. While i was styding, i started acting in amateur theater, and then i discovered my talent and love for acting. I had a few roles in movie and TV, and i also filmed music videos for some bands. I still do acting and enjoyin it. But, what i especially enjoy is combining my poetry with my acting while i perform it. I started writing poetry in high school, and my inspiration were bad poets. -I did a few modeling jobs, but i never really enjoyed it cause it was lacing with art -I tried myself like PR manager at one company called „Front scena“ for half a year (September 2017- March 2018) -Except i worked like an actress, i was assistant of directing in one season of TV series „Dobrodosli u Orient Express“
(Welcome to Orient Express)
-I have a lot of experience in organising art events, and like master of ceremonies, i did that in high school and later in
Student theater
-I am a member of talent and casting agency Zona in Sarajevo, and member of SPKD Prosvjeta (serbian cultural
education society)
-Now i work in the Center of cultural activities, but it is about contemporary art, and the space serves mostly like a
gallery for exibitions, even we sometimes organise poetry night, or performance, or we call some unusuall musicians to
play, or we project some old forgotten movies.

I started writing poetry in high school, and my inspiration were bad poets. While i was listening some bad poetry one night, i thought that is so offensive, and that world should be released from such
thing. I knew that i can do better, so i started building mine. I have never published a book, although my poems were on some art sites, but my wish is to do it this year. The greatest influence on me had French poets of the symbolism, „cursed poets“, Serbian poets between two wars, English poets as W. H. Auden, William Blake, American E. A. Poe, but also Emily Dickinson and Dorothy Parker. I have different poems, some of them are „women poems“, as i would call it because they express very specific moments in woman's life, male-female relationship at one situation, then poems about death and question of soul, poems about freedom, nihilistic poems, and love poems.


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