Lucie Blissett

I am a Northern based Fine Art Photographer. My work tackles female issues by developing concepts using colour, light and deep conceptual meaning. I am Independent, creative and determined to create unique and inspiring imagery.

Self-Portrait of My Gendered Objects

Self-Portraits of My Gendered Objects' is an photographic series that examines my own personal material culture, which I consider to be gendered. My belongings display my femininity through colour and texture and also project society's presumption of gender roles. The mirror and eyelash curler tell a story of a woman’s interrogation of herself physically, and the objects symbolise our culture’s expectations of a women’s beauty.

The investigation highlights how feminine symbols have evolved but their connotations remain the same. Women today are still expected to follow the invisible, unspoken rules of femininity.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

Self-Portraits of My Gendered Objects Image 1 (1).jpg
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