Luca Arboccò

Luca Arboccò's (Genoa, 1992) body of work explores the relationship between mimesis, reality and perception in a mutual exchanges intertwine that connects the artistic production and the visual culture studies. His works inspects and
problematize the condition of painting and its role in the new media age. Arboccò had shown its works in many exhibitions, including: Dichiarazione d'Intenti, (solo) Sala Dogana, Palazzocale, Genoa, curated by Fabio Vito Lacertosa (forthcoming, 2018), PILLS - Nesxt, Associazione Barriera, Turin, curated by Giulia De Giorgi and M.E. Marchetti (2016); Jahresausstellung 2013, ADBK, Munich (2013). In 2017 he won the Frase Got Talent Prize.

Three Channels (Trompe l’OEil)

My work speaks of a widespread and unavoidable condition of creative expression: the failure. Being in contact with other artists is an opportunity for me to confront with their (even unconscious) way of expressing this failure. I believe that direct experience of art is a necessary requirement for the production of new forms of art, especially when these investigate the limits of art itself. In the end, collaborating with other artists would give me the opportunity to start parallel projects and use new languages.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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