Lois Hopwood

Lois Hopwood is an artist primarily concerned with the impact of technology and virtuality on physical space and perceptions of the ‘real world’. From a starting point of digital video, images and sound, the work explores the personal and public spaces we visit online, more recently combining digital media with larger scale sculptural and installation interpretations of virtual space. Lois is currently based in Manchester, having recently graduated from a Masters in Fine Art Practice at Glasgow School of Art.

Scream Into the Void

Scream Into The Void is a multimedia installation exploring our relationship with networks and devices though installation, sculpture, audio and video. ‘The Void’ is propositioned as an unknown, invisible entity - a website or corporation just out of sight, collecting our ‘useless data’ and storing it for eternity. The viewer is invited to scream (whatever that means to them) into the void, reconsidering the act of online #sharing when asked to perform it #irl. The work aims to create an experiential space positioned between the real and the virtual which questions how our behaviour shifts between these two spaces.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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