Liza Mortimer

I am a dance/performance artist currently working in Leicester. My creative practice is centered around my Romany Gypsy heritage and culture, where I work with improvisation, gesture, documentation through recorded interviews and archive material, as well as projection and acting. I am a performer for a physical theatre company, Fuelled Dance Theatre, and am also currently studying Masters in Art at De Montfort University. Within Leicester I have performed at Attenborough Arts Centre, Sue Townsend Theatre, Haymarket Theatre and De Montfort University.

Take Us as We Are

Take Us as We Are, is a Performance Art solo piece that looks at my Romany Gypsy heritage and culture varying from accounts and perspectives of female family members, against and alongside my identity which goes through a process of questioning and examination in the performance. This work is unapologetic towards its audience, having performed the work for both Gypsy, Roma and Travellers; and non-members of the culture, the content of the work is embellished by truth and takes a nomadic form as it forces the public eye to consider my presence/female Gypsy presence. Take Us as We Are, is a thought-provoking piece that implements themes of family, pride, innocence and identity, which is explored through an environment that welcomes as well as interrogate.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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