La minima

Quiénes is a contemporary dance piece for 3 dancers. Three people meet in an empty space and begin to create a relationship in which each of them learns from the others developing a common language. In a
particular moment, one of them starts to change, threatening the survival of the relationship. Quiénes is about how we people join and separate to each other and how we manage to maintain our stability. This
piece aims to bring spectators into a similar state than the characters, allowing them to evolve with them progressively. Quiénes is full of delicacy but also of strong energy, as well as human relationships are. It has
been performed in different occasions in Spain and it has been awarded with three national prizes. This is the first time that it is performed abroad.


In this work I wanted to explore the development of a movement language through the presentation of individual gestures that would create a logical and common speech that later could be deconstructed.
Mainly in the second part of the piece I tried to propose funny and attractive images and sequences in order to approach to a theme that could be quite dramatic: the destabilization and transformation of a strong
relationship that ends in a chaos.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

18-10-01 laminimadanza 1.jpg
PerformanceOliver WoodL