Kyle Futers

Kyle’s work stems essentially from the world we live in and taking elements of observations and experiences of society and his interactions, or lack of, with it. The inter-twining links of human nature. Kyle likes to explore what our conceptions are of our world and why we have them. What stereotypes and stigmas one places on oneself but also those placed on us by each other, and the act of playing towards them or pushing them away. Kyle prefers cross-platform work, using physicality, spoken word and music as a base, as he prefers the audience to walk away having experienced something, as opposed to merely viewing/watching. Looking ahead Kyle is interested in pursuing a cross-platform project on the concept of being a Mixed Race person in the UK today, with the potential to explore a written publication further down the line.


UKYA Skegness Weekender 2019

PerformanceOliver WoodK