Konstantina Skalionta is a dance artist and performance maker. Since 2013, she has been making and presenting performances as part of festivals and platforms in UK and Cyprus. Her practice merges performing and developing a choreographic concept with researching audience engagement in different communities and settings. Her inspiration draws personal experiences of family, home, body image and the sense of belonging, transforming them into something universal. This summer she is invited to develop her choreographic research at Dance4, Wollaton Hall, NN Contemporary Gallery and the Dance House Limassol. She is an alumna of Central School of Ballet (BA, 2011) and London Contemporary Dance School (MA, 2018).


Land(e)scape invites you, the audience member, to share a journey through different landscapes, mindscapes and emotions. During the performance you will be invited to close your eyes, lie down, reposition or walk in the space in order to experience parts of it. You are free to decide to which extent you would like to follow these directions and therefore to choreograph your own experience in the performance.

Land(e)scape is an intimate studio-based solo performance which explores how Mind and Body affect each other and to what extent are affected by the environment we live in. The performance renders ‘home’ as a state of being, a feeling of belonging and of being at peace with oneself; a state which is difficult to reach and requires a physical and spiritual journey in search of it.
The performance is for a limited number of audience members and lasts between 30-40 minutes.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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