Kelly Fung

Kelly is an interdisciplinary maker.
She works with materials, objects, images and installation to reconstruct fragmented memory.
Kelly aims to create an ongoing space, she calls it home: an extension of self and imagination, which allows audiences to speak to and from their collective memory.
Recent exhibitions include: Schmuck (group show), The Show (RCA degree show). Originally from China, Kelly graduated from Fine Art at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, 2015, recently received MA from Royal College of Art.

currently nowhere (now here)

Kelly Fung- currently nowhere (now here)
currently nowhere (now here) is an installation contains objects I created from found/broken objects and mixed materials. This work is inspired by memories from the old house of my childhood and my current surrounding.
I’ve been away from my original home since I was very young, and have lived in different cities/countries. I have a detachment of the idea of home, but I have strong memories and images about my childhood and old house. This group of work contains 8 objects, each has a title as a hint of the story behind, as well as a link for viewers to connect. The use of humor in contrast with melancholy is important within my work, so through my exploration of the subject matter, I’m aiming to create work that provokes thought and maybe solicits a smile. Ultimately I’m striving to create work that is a balance of poetic and cognitive dimensions.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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