Kate Frances Lingard

Kate Frances Lingard and Rebecca Gill are currently in their 4th year at Glasgow School of Art studying Sculpture and Painting. Through working together for over a year, their main areas of collaborative research fall in the interdisciplinary exploration of technological ritual. Through collaboration with a myriad of researchers, materialising in mainly installation, film and audio work. Individually, Kate Frances has just completed working in collaboration with the Centre for Ultra Sonic Engineering (University of Strathcylde) and Rebecca has just concluded a residency working with Not Just Energy Futures research group at Dovecot studios, Edinburgh.

Just as the nature of the work we are proposing is fluid, we believe the boundaries between disciplines should be as open as possible. Both of our practises have expanded recently due to engaging in a variety of interdisciplinary discourse. UKYA offers an exciting opportunity for conversation, especially in areas such as sound and performance. Kate's practise is based mainly within sonic realms after studying sound design and Becca has an evolving interest in illustrating data through audio. It would be highly beneficial to meet not only visual artists but artists working across all outputs. It interesting to see how ideas that formulate in one area evolve to become very different when finalised.
Our work does not exist without an audience, and we believe that UKYA would be offer a platform to engage with a dynamic audience. After installing the work once at Tramway for Last Futures, we want to use this opportunity to expand the work, spatially and sonically. By using the buildings/the city itself, the work is highly adaptable and could collaborate with the physicality of the architecture. The audio is embodied in invisible flux, and just as the sound learns from the audience engagement, we want to learn more about the capability of the prototype we have developed.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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