Juliet E P Gibbs

A plant grows out of nothing. A window floats in space. An architectural line cuts unevenly across a canvas. Pipes, handrails, ceilings. Man-made elements spill into artificial jungles.

Perfectly curated tropical gardens; glasshouses hold an aura of mystery in their misty, dense and often humid atmospheres.
The deconstructed, reimagined environments of exotic lands contained in microcosmic glasshouses built in England make up the subject for this series of paintings, inspired by the brutalist architecture of the Barbican conservatory in London.

Juliet E P Gibbs was born in Somerset and just completed a Fine Art BA Hons degree at Falmouth University.

Barbican Paintings

Large oil paintings stand together to form an immersive atmosphere. The pieces look at the environment of the glasshouse and a clash between brutalist architecture and the natural forms that make up these man-made, curated jungles. Dark greens and moody hues try to emulate the experience of sticky condensation that hangs in the air, that steamy heat everyone feels when the door to the outside world closes behind them.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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