Josh Leach

Josh Leach is grateful to be imaginative, and non-neurotypical. Growing up gay, raised religious and discovering he had Synesthesia (A psychological phenomenon where he 'sees' music as colours) has made him forcibly aware that people see the world differently. And fascinated as to how his and other's minds work.
He is currently a Film-maker/Animator, graduated from BCU with a First. He was awarded the 'Sideways-Onwards!' award for his 'wonky' approach to storytelling and creativity. His films revisit his old childhood memories. In ways that are deeply uneasy yet childlike. Under his artist name ‘Diggery’ he makes animations based on the colours he sees listening to music, as well as live-painting in collaboration with musicians.


My films have focused on revisiting childhood memories, using title cards in a form of contemporary silent cinema. The film's flirt with our sense of safety and danger.
I devised a creative process I call 'Memory-Diving'. Allowing me to recall lost long term memories. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. Imagining I'm diving into a pool. I let my mind scour back for long term memories. As soon as I get the first one I 'resubmerge' and write it down. I repeat until I have a list. And then I choose which to tell.

My other practice involves sharing my experience of the psychological condition Synesthesia: where I ‘see’ music as shapes and colours. It occurs when normally separate neural pathways are not ‘pruned off’ properly, in my case sound and vision. I express it through live painting, animation, art and description.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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