Joe McAlister

Joe McAlister is a computational artist and privacy advocate, creating adaptive experiences that seamlessly blend technology with fine art. His work often focuses on themes encompassing metadata, user interaction, data security, and psychology. Joe approaches these subjects using programming, machine learning, sculpture, projection and performance.

He has exhibited in many galleries, and festivals across the UK, including the "We Are Now" festival in the East End, [space] Mare Street and prestigious universities Goldsmiths, Kings College and LSBU. He has also sat on panels discussing computational arts practice, along with those held at IBM Southbank. Joe is also the current fellow at Near Now, Nottingham.

"jo-jo", "Webcam Poetry", "The Justice Syndicate"

Joe McAlister - "jo-jo"
Joe McAlister - “webcam poetry”
Joe McAlister, fanSHEN, Dr. Kris De Meyer - “The Justice Syndicate”

“jo-jo” is a projection mapped, computational child who learns how to interact with people based on the conversations you have with him. Over time you will see his opinions change and knowledge expand as he finds information online. Built using machine learning jo-jo can study almost anything about a subject, live in front of your eyes. Never questioning your authority.

“Webcam Poetry” takes live video streams of locations across the globe, displaying them alongside contextually relevant poetry generated using machine learning.

“The Justice Syndicate” gathers 12 audience members to take on the role of jurors. iPad's carefully analyse the decisions they make in real time, providing live opinion polls and interactive documents as you explore the controversial case. Leaving you to question your own ethics and those of others.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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