Jodie Wingham

Jodie Wingham is an unconventional printmaker, whose work involves the manipulation of print with non traditional methods of display to create artworks that playfully distort images. Inspired by the act of observing others and the audiences’ enjoyment of this process she focuses on the viewers desire to look and gain information, using imagery with voyeuristic tendencies. Since graduating from BCU in 2016 with a Masters in Fine Art, her work has been selected for shows across the UK recently taking part in NAWMidlands (group exhibition), ArtRooms London (Art Fair) and a joint show at the Terrault Gallery in Baltimore, USA.


Drawing from Roland Barthes quote (from his Pleasure of the Text): ‘Is not the most erotic portion of a body where the garment gapes?’ Unbuttoned, a large scale screen print on aluminium, depicts a man’s shirt with a button undone revealing a black crevice where skin is known to be but instead hidden in the darkness. The flash of skin is meant to seduce, spark your curiosity, you cant help but stare at the button that shouldn't be open.

Themes surrounding the pleasure taken by human beings in the act of ‘looking’ have continually underpinned my practice, with Unbuttoned the audience engage with an image both visually and physically. The sculptural quality of the piece mimicks the curve of the open shirt drawing you in, you are allowed a freedom to stare however, through the methods and materials used in the works creation this isn't as easy as you'd hope.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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