Jenny Mc Namara

Jenny Mc Namara is an abstract sculptor whose work takes inspiration from patterns related to water; focusing on the graphic line in sculpture and the way that patterns are recognised by creating new synapse pathways in the brain. Irregular patterns interest her and she strives to create new forms and patterns in three dimensions, to face the viewer with the feeling of the unfamiliar. Recent exhibitions include North East Young Sculptors of the Year at Cheeseburn Sculpture Park and W/O at Vane Gallery

At the moment I am drawn to unusual material combinations and I often combine plastic and ceramic. Strange combinations spark questions, making the viewer wonder why these materials have been brought together…

-do they complement each other?
-what are their physical properties?
(hard/soft, smooth/rough, porous/impermeable, light/heavy, wet/dry,
elastic/brittle, hot/cold, strong/weak)
-what do they have in common / what are their differences?
-where are they from/how are they made?
-what are they commonly used for?
-do they have a significant historical or cultural reference?
-how do they differ visually?

These questions about material and form drive my passion for sculpture.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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