Jasmine Brown

Jasmine’s work centres around social issues, more recently around Feminism. Jasmine is a mixed media artist specialising in jewellery, she uses illustration to create handmade pin badges. Since winning the New Designers UKYA Award and exhibiting her work during the Nottingham City Takeover, Jasmine has developed a stronger drive to focus the subject of my work on my home, which happens to be Skegness. Over the next year she will be focusing more on her solo work, but she is also in the early stages of a collaborative project with her friend Hannah Finnegan who is also from Skegness. “Pretty Grim” will be a zine which highlights the positive and negative aspects of living in a deprived area and what it is like to live/grow up there as a creative, looking at how the arts could help improve the area.


UKYA Skegness Weekender 2019

UKYA Nottingham City Takeover 2019

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