Isobel Adderley

The flicker between two states is important to Isobel in many areas of her practice. She is interested by words which mean different things; erratic – a movement or behaviour and a glacially moved rock in a landscape. Words which when said could be mistaken for different meanings, tail – belonging to an animal or instead a story. Cusp, the transition between two different states, or the pointed end of a tooth. Similar to these words her performances examine how to be BOTH. Both still and moving, soft and hard, person and object.


I dance my spidery limbs across the dance floor. And you watch as these limbs whirl around the cool space. You watch me trapped in the prescribed layout of this dance floor. This ground, which I’m rubbing up against all day, has its own internal, a skin, a crust, and a wet and leaky centre, like me.
The performance; a slight re-working of my performance CUSP, will invite audience members to place unshelled boiled fresh broad beans in their mouths. This small dance will exist within the audience’s face and jaw for the duration of the performance.
The performance will explore the internal and external all bodies present, the solid and liquid but more importantly the gaseous and amorphous third element; the skin.
Three performers remain still, quivering and shuddering attempting to be sculptural and solid. Contorting like tendons, and existing as three separates but also sometimes becoming one.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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