Iolanda Di Bonaventura

I was born in L'Aquila (Italy) in 1993. My city was destroyed by an earthquake when I was 16: this marked the beginning of my research, I started to deal with social and philosophical issues in response to environmental stimuli. My production embraces different techniques (visual arts, VR), despite photography is my favourite medium. In 2015, I won a competition supported by UNESCO ( heart/); as a director, I won the “Best Director Award” at Rome Film Award, in 2017; I was one of the five finalist of “Corti d'Argento”, a prize awarded by the Syndicate of Italian Film Journalists.


"Impermanence" is a photography project, taken in L'Aquila in 2016 - an Italian city from which I'm from - destroyed by an earthquake in 2009. The earthquake became the starting point of a deeper reflection, about the relationship that links human identity to the surrounding space. Are we - as humans - shaping the space around us, or is the space that defines our way of being human? Does identity become unintelligible, unusable, inexpressible - if inner spaces lose their possibility of being represented by exterior spaces?The entire production consists of self-portraits. To maintain fidelity with the environments represented, the entire series was taken in natural light.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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