Hyejoo Moon

Hyejoo Moon was born and grew up in Seoul, a capital of South Korea. In 2015 she received her BFA in Ceramic and Glass at Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea, continuing her education at Hongik University; she received her MFA in Ceramics in 2018. Her practice incorporates sculpture, ceramics and performance. She usually works in hand-built technique with porcelain. The marks left in surface are recording of daily repetition and timeless meditation through long work process. Recent exhibitions include: Iang Gallery(group exhibitions), Milal Museum (group exhibitions), Dongdaemun Design Plaza(art fair). Also in 2017, she was
resident artist in Seoul Art Space Sindang.

My work is about the record between the repetitive act of ‘daily practice’ and modern people’s ‘sustainment of life’. It’s about the loss and anxiety that people experience while coping with day-to-day struggles and therefore needs comfort. Abandoned and worthless subjects that I create symbolize the lives of contemporary people. They are neither special nor beautiful, and soon gets discarded like disposables when the use has expired. This merciless consumption that prevails modern society, applies to all images, objects, and people. I project this emotional state, the sustainment of repetitive and unimproved lives of modern people, to ordinary still life and scenery. The countless fingerprints recorded on the surface of the ceramics, created by stacking clay coils one by one from the foundation, represents the numerous hours I’ve spent in front of my workbench enduring the repetitive process.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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