HASSETT + SCOTT are a collaborative duo made up of Anya Hassett and Martha Scott. London based sculptors interested in manipulating body and form within the realm of furniture. Their practise stems from their experimental and enjoyable process of making together, culminating in a playful body of work.
Blurring the line between art and everyday objects like furniture makes the work accessible for viewers, accentuated by the bright pops of colour and comical nature. Their work always carries an interactive element, which has recently developed into video performance.

The Seat

“The Seat” is a sculpture that toys between fine art and furniture. Designed, built and created by collaborative duo HASSETT + SCOTT. It explores the nature of our interaction with everyday objects and how the body reacts to furniture. How it is possible to manipulate the body, in line or against the expectations that are built within us. The work is playful, due to the experimental process of the making and reinforced through the performative element. This stems from the fun that arises when there’s two friends working together. The nature of furniture and its familiarity allows the work to be accessible and interactive – viewers are invited to enjoy it however they wish. Sitting, perching, slumping, looking, touching.
Materials: timber, MDF, foam, stuffing, wadding, fabric, felt, plaster
Alongside The Seat is a performance video showing HASSETT + SCOTT interacting with the work.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

Hassett + Scott - Interaction with The Seat I.jpg
PerformanceOliver WoodH