Hannah Parikh

Hannah Parikh is a visual artist specialising in sculpture and installation. She encompasses a range of techniques in her practice such as casting, ceramics and mould making. Parikh combines found materials with casts of domestic objects to transform spaces, influenced by scenes of everyday life and human presence. Hannah graduated from Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in 2017 and has since shown work in the Project Space at Nottingham Contemporary, Backlit gallery (Nottingham) and Kunstpodium T (The Netherlands).

Tea Break

The work I will make will be similar to the installation shown in my support images however the composition varies from site to site, as it reacts to the space. Tea Break is an extension of an ongoing investigation into the materiality of ‘things’. The installation consists of imitations of industrial objects and packaging materials, cast in silicone, concrete or ceramic. The work has an animate quality, a humorous take on the overlooked items of a building site. The collection of objects are presented in a way that celebrates their form rather than function and I choose materials that contradict the objects use. Plaster bubble wrap, rubber scaffolding poles and ceramic pipes for example. Once the object appears pointless, it can be viewed purely on aesthetic where the fragility in the work presents an intriguing look at the world around us.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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