Hannah-Joy Spencer

Hannah-Joy Spencer is a contemporary dance artist who specializes in dance theatre and multimedia work. She has previously completed her Dance BA(Hons) degree at Bath Spa University.
She has gained opportunities to collaborate alongside contemporary dance companies such as EarthFall, Neon Dance and Impermanence Dance Company. She has an adoration for dance theatre work & community dance teaching roles, so she can motivate others to work to their full potential. Hannah-Joy enjoys working with personal stories and dealing with issues in today's society to fully express herself and inspire others to become their best version.


I have named the work 'REBOOT' because of how the theme within the work correlates with everyday life. I looked into my personal uses of esapism such as videogames from my child hood and costume design for comic conventions, where I am able to completly let go of my inhabitions and become another person for awhile. This became an inspiration for my autobiographic exploration into whether escapism can be a tool for creativity and productivity. In my research I decided on my own quote "You must reboot the system otherwise the new value will not be in force". The new value that the quote speaks of is the new way of solving a problem or creative idea after the use of the escapism.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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