Hannah Fletcher

I am a London based photographic artist and member of the London Alternative Photography Collective. I work with basic materials of light, paper and chemicals to produce imagery without the dependence of a camera or the outside world. I take an investigative approach, often combining scientific techniques with photographic processes. Over the years, I have been able to combine my fascination for photographic processes with organic materials and my concern for the natural environment into one entangled movement. My work is a flow between processes and materials, between research and exploration, between the poetic and the political.

Circles: A Record of Our Time

Circles: A Record Of Our Time is an ecology of image and sculpture that examines how man’s relationship with the environment can
 be read from trees.

The tree acts as a recording device, a camera. As trees grow they form growth rings, each growth ring differs dependent on environmental fluctuations. In our current geological epoch, the Anthropocene, we, humans, are directly affecting the growth of these tree rings. During a conversation with Martin Bridge, lecturer of dendrochronology at UCL, he explained that since CO2 levels have been rising in the atmosphere, tree rings have been getting wider. This is explained by the tree absorbing more CO2, causing it to grow faster and resulting in the rings becoming further spaced apart.

Acting as a pseudo-scientist, I have been investigating the wood as a photographic material and device. Working directly with wood, allows the viewer to encounter these materials as tools: portholes through which one is able to consider the future of our environment and human placement within it.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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