Grace Tower

Grace is a musician. Over the past seven years, her professional singing career has taken off at local festivals and events. Her classical interests traversed into folk when she taught herself the guitar and began song-writing last year. She depicts in her unpublished album the adjustment from her home-place in Derbyshire to life in Ireland and beyond as an adult. The songs are fuelled with her tough soul, a toughness from sensitivity, and resonate with those battling grief. Grace studies English with Creative Writing at Queen’s University Belfast where the city’s spoken word and live music scene incite her compositions.

Label The Feeling

“Label the Feeling” is an album of ten songs I have crafted over the past year. Guitar and voice accompany one another throughout, although the guitar proves more grounded. Its steady strumming contrasts with the oscillating, classical harmonies of the voice. Each song tackles a different emotion and often involves protest against injustice in society. The album matures as the songs progress, beginning with the concept of travelling as an escape from pain, but later, the confrontation with the self through music. The songs’ harmonious and melodic twists don’t intend to produce a rewarding afterthought for the listener, but more a sense of relief in being able to “feel” within an economy driven culture. The album is unusual in this way for it is both a journey and connection between artist and audience, not an individual destination or conclusion.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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