Grace Peckett

Grace Peckett is a visual artist. She uses Acrylic paint and calico fabric to represent language and how visual redaction confronts both muteness and notions of silence. Peckett makes works in a number of different ways, all of which are gradually evolving to create a subtle but constant progression between between process ans materiality. Recent exhibitions include Bonington Gallery (group exhibition). Originally from Huntington, Grace graduated from Fine Art at Nottingham Trent university in 2018.

Conflicting Tranquillity

Does silence transcend language? Intrigued by its own juxtaposition and more importantly the exploration of two opposite concepts, my work has evolved over time to unearth this underlying balance that may exist between them. Echoing a fragmented structure of incompleteness and imperfections, does my work have a hidden honesty? Fuelled with the intentionality of stimulating the subliminal through abstraction, the process and materiality of the bands of paint function as a phenomenal vessel that enthrals the viewer with its sublime act.
‘I speak only one language, and it is not my own’
Ultimately, I aspire to form my own dialogue that fluctuates between varying depths, familiarity and unfamiliarity, interwoven by its own complexities. Painting is consequently its own form of silent expression; communicating language that is beyond meaning, absorbed by its entirety.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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