Giacomo Gerboni

Giacomo Gerboni is a visual artist. He has experimented with painting, scultpure, video, sound, performance and installation, but lately, his practice turn to video animation as a perfect fusion of many of these techniques. His research investigates the primitive nature of humanity and his relationship with nature, the invisible, the magic and the sacred. He loves trees. Recent Exhibitions include: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice) and Viafarini DOCVA (Milan). Originally from Parma, Giacomo graduated (MA) in Visual Art from IUAV (Venice) in 2018.

Plastic Shaman

Plastic Shaman is a two-channel animation work. The work tells an imaginary shaman ritual aimed at the awakening of nature. At each spring equinox, the shaman goes alone to the top of a mountain, where a large stone stands in an impossible and perfect balance. Accompanied by singing and percussion, the shaman enters a state of trance, which allows him to cross the threshold of the visible and venture in search of the spirit of creation. The man takes on his shoulders the great responsibility of the awakening of life, should he fail, he would condemn the world to an infinite winter. The video, through a dreamlike and fantastic setting, shows concerns about the non-ordinary states of consciousness and the archaic techniques of ecstasy present in the shamanic cultures. The shaman is a character who is often mistakenly confused with other figures, such as wizards and sorcerers. The task of the shaman is to help, through ecstatic rituals, the community in which he lives. (he accompanies the dead in the afterlife or he heals the sick).
In the video, the ritual is freely inspirited to real shamanic rituals but here the goal is the awakening of nature. It is a way to focus about the necessary contact for human been with the dimension of invisible, the divine. This is a essential relationship for every living being for be spiritually nourished and live a full life.
The title refers to the way Native Americans call people who pretend to be shamans, even though we have no connection with traditional cultures. The term "plastic" wants to bring the public's attention to the contemporary era, even the use of LCD televisions helps this purpose, so different from the nature told in the video.


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