Gaëtan Trovato

Gaëtan Trovato is born in 1987. His video work question the image’s ontological issues. Whether static or filmic, its secular power operates a transcendent grasp of reality, summoning a magical even animistic
thought. The troubling entity of simulacrum fascinates : the face of a deceased, the mystery of an unknown in close-up, the almost subliminal integration of a famous personality. The image incarnates, immortalizes, crédibilises. It is essential, authoritarian and hypnotic. Gaëtan Trovato disputa the cinematographic conventions, ans plays with its filiations with the pictorial (the materiality of the medium, the tradition of the figurative repoussoir) and theatrical (spatialization) codes. He questions the boundary between fictional and non-fictional space. The artist evokes the voluntary credulity of the spectator.


Behna Films Selections Company was one of the biggest actors in the Egyptian film scene between the 1930s and 1950s. They produced the first musical, the first animaVon ever made in the Middle East and one of the first EgypVan speaking films while remaining the largest film distributor in the region. The society went bankrupt in the 1960s arer its naVonalizaVon during the socialist era of Egypt. 50 years later with the help of the Gudran associaVon, the family decided to restore the headquarters of Behna Film in Mansheya Square to make it a place dedicated to independent filmmakers in Alexandria as well as a space devoted to the visual arts of all kinds. The film is a stroll through this space in which figures extracted from the films produced by society come to move and confront reality. Video produced during a residency at the French institute of Egypt in Alexandria.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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