Francis Bacon Project

Konstantinos was born in Thessaloniki in 1983. He studied Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University. He worked on animation and was mostly interested on creating installations and work on scenography. 
In sculpture he has been engaged mainly in soft materials such as wood, creating connections with abstract tendencies. He has participated in the following exhibitions
2016   Symbiosis Exhibition Lesvos Arts Festival
2015    Glo Art  – Belgium
2015   The Big White Gallery – Mykonos
2014    Blind Pilots Project
2014   Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
Furthermore his artistic experience varies from Scenography/Stage Design to Auction Coordinator and Animation

The Francis Bacon Project

The aim of our research in Francis Bacon was and remains to search for a lively form in which an actress, two artists who will create deformations in two human silhouettes, more in the form of an empty canvas, at the same time vibrant lighting installations and music that harmoniously blends into the iconic visual arts. In this way the work of the painter and the actor narrated become one, presenting it as a monologue with a simultaneous personal and catholic.
The show is in constant search for new forms of image and sound movement, new materials and installation sites. The aim of the show is to be installed in a new space, in a new form, utilizing the energy it has. For this reason, every installation of the performance is unique in the matter of lighting and sound, as well as the dynamics and composition of the images that make up this text.
Our aim is to explore the deeper the pace of every space, to listen to its energy and to adapt ourselves to it by "illuminating" the aspects of history that we are telling about the peculiarity of the space that hosts us and the time that in the end is differently different each time, both during the installation and during the performance.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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