Filippo Gualazzi

The group consists of three artists from different backgrounds, but the activity that unites them is the pure experimentation of new artistic languages. United through the collaboration between the Rome University of Fine Arts and the Perugia Conservatory, when for the first time they performed an audiovisual performance during the Segnali festival. Their experimentation focuses on the fusion of classical music and electronic music, which generate constantly changing visual worlds. Their research is based on the tonal qualities that are produced between analog and digital and how this can create unexplored sounds and imaginaries.


M-Flute is an audiovisual performance that uses an electronically modified flute as its medium of expression. Through the implementation of sensors that read light, motion and inclination it is possible to manage digital audio and video in real time. The performance consists of the improvisation of a musician expressed visually through shapes, lines and points projected on a screen. The recorder will become the mediator of a generative audiovisual process of free interpretation. The sound language used by the performer is a delineator of visual worlds and constantly changing soundscapes.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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PerformanceOliver WoodF