Fabio Ranzolin

My work is based on a network of accounts, remnants and praise of lost everyday experiences, which are inherently fleeting. I want to focus on listening to life: my life and the lives of others. I watch, take, reference and gather objects and experiences that strike me. I tend to tell a plaintive contemporary story in which our human actions and emotions seem to get lost in an increasingly frenzied consumer society. I would like my work to be a mine of equivocal nuances and ambiguities that frequently promote a dialogue between pop/queer culture and the aesthetics of evolutionary theory.

Have you ever tried to have fun with a pair of socks?

The work To my progenitors is the communication between two baggages, one within the other. The main piece is an
old and ruined glove compartment of a semitrailer, that has been carefully cleaned of grease and tar and restored by the artist, and then simply placed by him on the floor of an empty space. An “industrial dinosaur” destined to guard material necessary for maintenance, integrity and transportation of the vehicle, until the end of the trip.
Inside the glove compartment is arranged a brand new woven closet, bought on the internet and hailed from
Germany, still packaged from the shipping by an AmazonPrime courier. A potentially functional wardrobe never been
put together; an object still unexpressed, never built, in fragments.
The artwork To my progenitors tries to recreate a communication with our descendants, and therefore, an idea of a
tautological case.
With this artwork old and new are placed side by side, the first dirty and worn out by travel, the second, instead,
transported by contemporary innovation, hectic, with 24 hours delivery.
The installation is an admonishment, in some way, to contemporary culture, betrayed tradition handed down in time,
interpreted by several voices and societies to be passed, then, in the hands of those who will live in the future. A baggage ready to be carried in a new journey, or maybe always the same long journey. Art and culture try to leave something new and receive something important, nevertheless it’s good to remember that the the history of our contemporary society and the personal history of each and everyone is just a few years story, but the history of our genes is a history of millions years. A story of fragmented baggages, one within the other.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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