Erika Cucchiara

Erika is a Photographer driven by a strong passion for people and travelling. She is a free spirit and travelled the world.
She takes photographs that show the differences between cultures, beliefs and people.
She was the Photographer of different festivals, took pictures for organisations such as LASA and worked in Vietnam for three months, teaching Photography and Video Production to children.
She just graduated in Photography and Video at De Montfort University .


"One" is a project that wants to highlight the differences between people but also wants the audience to reflect on the fact that we all are one race after all. We are the Human Race.
Despite the colour of our skin, our beliefs, culture and costumes, we all react to life the same way. We all have feelings, dreams and hopes. We all want the best and we all look for love. The project puts together pictures taken in different parts of the world, it shows how there is only one reality despite the big differences between countries. "One" is a series of photographs, each image is linked to a 30 seconds track that allows the audience to completely immerse in the image. Each track is the result of sounds that had been recorded in the places where the pictures used to compose the final images, were taken.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

final image 5.jpg