Emily Simpson

#DREAMPHONE is a collaborative work made by Emily Simpson and Jade Blood @emilysurnamexox_x @jadelblood. #DREAMPHONE is a parody of the popular 90s board game Dream Phone, and is a legit playable game. The og dream phone was p much based around finding ur self a dream boi. Setting the standards high for young women's aspirations ever since 🙋 #DREAMPHONE is a dream for the modern millennial femme-identifying, forget the Bois we now dream in avocado's. The game is a critique of our uncertain social and political economic timez, where we might not get the boy but we will deffoo get an unpaid internship! 🙌


#DREAMPHONE Is a board game. We have trialed out the board game so far, screen printing the board and cards. The work exists as the boards, as an art object in itself as well as in the playing. Currently we have made 3 copies of dream phone. However we would like to make a promotional video and advert also for the game in the style of the og dream phone advert, which would also be a part of the work



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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