Dizzy Ink

Dizzy Ink is a Risograph and screen printing studio. We focus on print production and publication design as well as organising creative workshops. With an ethos of collaboration, we work alongside creatives to help them develop their print projects.

Made in a Day

We intend to run a workshop called 'Made in a Day.' This is a workshop we have been running ever since we were in university and we are now on our 8th edition. The premise of the workshop is simple, to create, design, print and bind a publication within the restraints of an 8 hour working day. With an aim of producing 30 copies using our Risograph printers, all participants will get the opportunity to take a publication home as well as the organisers and Dizzy Ink keeping a run of books. We intend to use UKYA city takeover to open up the workshop nationally or even internationally by offering people the chance to make content who are not just in Nottingham.

Made in a Day will teach participants; how to make a zine, developing work for Risograph printing and how to bind publications. These skills will be accompanied by the rewarding and quick uninhibited approach to creating work, changing how people can approach the creative experience.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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