Didem Erbaş

Didem Erbaş (1985, Istanbul) lives and works in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts university from painting department and finished her MA on Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design in Sabanci University. She works with Tania Bruguera about Useful Art (Arte-Util) in Salzburg Summer Academy. Erbaş, uses different materials to create her installations and paintings. She creates associations between her paintings and the objects that she made or found. Recent exhibitions include: Barrack (solo show), Tomtom Gardens, Remote Memory, Abud Efendi Konagı, Istanbul, The Animal Side, Mixer Gallery, Unerlöst, Corpus G. Gallery, Istanbul, 450 km, Erimtan Museum, Ankara, Letter from Istanbul, Pi Artworks London, Utilitarian efforts, non- utilitarian works, MARS Istanbul, Give me a SOLACE, Schaufenster, Berlin. And in 2016, she collaborated with Eren Sulamaci and their works called Residue awarded by Siemens juries.

Barrack II

Barrack II is an installation which is composed of four/six wooden sticks, sacks and different fabrics (the type and amount of material is flexible). The artwork aims to question temporary connection established between geography and temporary structures that are composed of found, momentary and coincidental objects; by asking whether a temporary shanty can allow someone to create her/his own space or can he/she build a few square meters of area to provide safety. The sketches/paintings that I am going to make will accompany to this barrack.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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