Demi Overton

Demi (b.1991, Nottingham UK) creates sculptural works on paper. She explores the act of drawing and mark-making through a labour-intensive and repetitive action of using a single needle, pushing and testing the materiality and delicacy of the surface.
Demi studied her BA(Hons) Fine Art at Newcastle University, graduating in 2015, and has since moved back home to Nottingham where she continues to create work at her studio at Backlit Gallery.

Ledge I

Ledge I is a series of three drawings on paper framed by a vertical copper ladder. Influenced by pattern making and geometry, the drawings are created through a labour intensive method of using a single sewing needle and pushing through the paper to create shapes and lines which create an embossed effect on the paper.
The piece changes throughout the day, when caught in direct light the shapes almost pop out of the paper, but when light falls faintly the works appear more subtle, inviting the viewer into the piece for a closer look.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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