Daisy James

Articulating visually, verbally and through crafted prose, Daisy demonstrates an interest for people and why they do the things they do. In her work, she defines and communicates the insights afforded by research, developing her sense of how to handle the complex challenges presented by human-centred design. Taking responsibility for the needs of people, Daisy explores the potential of speaking and listening; establishing that this inspires change.

How to

Tell Tales, actively explores non-linear storytelling through visualized data. Created from a series of small drawings, the work reflects on the topic of relaxing and conversations held with almost three-hundred people. Within this piece, data is used as a tool, medium and material for sharing stories. As individual works, each drawing is a work in progress, where the data is revised regularly and the drawings are modified to suit. Puzzled together, this large scale piece represents a moment in a process and reveals an insight into being alive in 2018. Tell Tales is a part of a continuum of work, where one cannot address a single end point. This is a visual language that is responding empathically to numbers.



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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