Courtney Roberts

Courtney Roberts is a 22-year-old poet born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, who moved to Buckinghamshire, England at the age of 15. She is a CUPSI alum 2018, and Roundhouse Poetry Slam Runner-Up 2018. She later discovered spoken word in her second year of undergrad at the University of Birmingham where she studied a B.A. in Social Policy and acted as Vice President of Speak Out Society, the university’s poetry society. Also, opening up for American poet Alysia Harris on her Stars to Stars UK tour in Birmingham. Now studying an M.A. in Public Relations and Society at the University of Leeds, she’s continuing her dreams of becoming a poet, currently working on a chapbook alongside her studies. As for her poetry, she uses personal narratives to discuss the politics of race, gender, class and immigration, whilst simultaneously allowing her feelings to go skinny dipping offering very vulnerable and raw personal experiences on love, heartbreak and self-love.

When Feelings Take Flight

I perform spoken word poetry about the politics of race, gender, class and immigration; as well as personal experiences with love, heartbreak and self-love.
Audience members may view my work as uplifting, emotive and thought-provoking. As for my performance, audience members will have an intimate feel and will feel as though I am speaking to them personally and like I have stolen a page out of their diaries as my work is very relatable to the experiences of Black women, women in general, a lover, a daughter, a friend


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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