Colette Griffin

Colette’s practice explores the crossover between studio based working, and domestic, often performative ritual. Merging traditional sculptural language, objects and shapes found within her daily routine. Ritualistic actions carried out without thinking provide a continual, repeated means of exploring our surroundings, bringing attention to everyday methods of creating.

Colette is a studio holder at One Thorsby Street, Nottingham; Creative Producer (Curation) at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln; and Artists Ambassador at UKYA. Recent exhibitions include: 'Where none exists', One Thoresby Street (with Sean Cummins); 'NN Open', NN Contemporary (group exhibition), 'Sun Goddess Crouching', Modern Painters, New Decorators (solo exhibition).

Past her

‘Past her’ (2018), combines powder coated steel and handmade pasta. The work explores the crossover between studio based making, and domestic performative ritual or everyday creativity. The mechanical fabrication of laser cut steel jars with the physical act of making pasta. The first is associated with industry, the second with the home. Cooking is considered a household chore. Housework is not viewed as work, or art, but rather a repetition of ordinary and endless effort.

Housework, which falls within the domestic has historically been removed from many art institutions. But, it can be viewed as an act similar to artistic work, with both falling outside the value-labour of value. The theory argues that the value of an object is determined by the labour required to produce it, rather than by the use or pleasure its owner gets from it (demand) and its scarcity value (supply).


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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