Christopher Preece

Still in his early years, Chris Preece is an explorative, 3D installation based painter and drawer, using a range of mediums and incorporates twisted technology. Influenced by modern fantasy and dystopian literature, mental illness, colour psychology, experience and the architecture/environment of a mind/brain, to involve and take over the audience. A recent Graduate from Nottingham Trent Fine Art 2017, Exhibited at TAC gallery in Eindhoven (group exhibition) 2017.

Mind Maze

A mind Installation environment, an amalgamation of drawing/painting, sculpture and video.
A Mixture of sharp oddly shaped wooden frames with a rainbow of colours painted on masking tape (that also makes a painting in reverse from the process) used as the canvas surface.
Intensive large scale one line drawings that have the aesthetic of geographic maps and physicalised electronic data, that are a record of thought and play with the a psychological phenomenon know as Pareidolia.
Illusion based presented Videos (videos of digital colour psychology in geometric form) on reused LCD screens, manipulating perspective and view. As the screen may seem empty until you look from a certain angle.
The work is surreal, involving and vivid, it brings together many different ideas on what the environment of a mind could be like, giving life to objects/materials and presenting the process of making. Drawing on personal and external experiences and letting the imagination run wild. Messing with colour theory and making your own, transporting the viewer and playing with their perspective.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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