Chloë Laycock

Chloë Laycock is a multidisciplinary artist, using a mixture of multi-screen video, sound, spoken-word and installation.  Laycock’s practice is centred in the rescuing of ancestral voices and utilising the gaps in the archive to build narratives, by using aesthetics based on the revival of ancient knowledge she blurs the lines between information and symbolism. Recent exhibitions include: Surface Gallery (collaborative exhibition) and False Gallery (group show), Chloë has also recently been awarded the Step Change Programme grant by the Artist Benevolent Fund. Originally from Peterborough, Chloë graduated from Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in 2018.

Caught in the Maelstrom

Caught in the Maelstrom in a six-screen audio-visual installation that explores ideas of ritual, ancestry and memory. On the screens a single piece of archive footage passes through, too fast to fully grasp its true image. Using spoken-word derived from British Pathé recordings of the salvage of the sunken German fleet in Scapa Flow the poetic fragments become a discussion about the archive and Laycock’s relationship to it. Just as the boats were mended and floated in the hopes of finding value, Laycock picks at the seams of the archive, pulling to the surface fragments that appear value – often having to let those fragments sink again when they aren’t as valuable. The circular display of screens explores the significance of the megalith, blurring the lines between information and symbolism, reviving ancient knowledge through the enactment of ritual-like movements. The installation explores archival truth, ancestry and ancient knowledge.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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