Chifa Khelfaoui

Chifa Khelfaoui is a spoken word artist from North London She aims to express opinions about important topics (such as oppressed women and mental health) that aren’t taken very seriously in a creative way that will raise awareness as well as allow people to be engaged in it, especially when it comes to young people.

Spoken Word

Chifa Khelfaoui is a Spoken Word artist. She uses poetry and video to express her thoughts and emotions on the complications of life, particularly of Arab Women. Khelfaoui is interested in merging poetry, rap and music to convey her ideas and opinions to create a space for many different types of audiences where they are encouraged to speak up. Recent performances include: supporting the poet and the first ever Muslim astronaut who is due to blast off to space, Hussain Manawer, at the Jazz Cafe, The Roundhouse as a finalist in the Poetry Slam 2018 during the Last Word Festival that included artists such as Yomi Sode and the American poet Samuel Williams, and at the Hackney Empire theatre as the winner of the annual Alter Ego contest. Originally from London, Chifa Khelfaoui is a Performing Arts student at City and Islington College.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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