Chiara Giardi

Chiara Giardi describes herself as a liberal artist. In her research, the medium is secondary to the exploration, formulation and expression of her relationship with her body and her surroundings. She is interested in the intersection(s) between art, politics and science. She is currently dealing with the gap between academic and artistic research in the field. Are artists cultural researchers? Can cultural researchers be artists? Originally from San Marino, she graduated from an Art school in Rimini (Italy) in Figurative Arts (Painting). She now studies Liberal Arts and Sciences, major Culture and History, at the University College Freiburg (Germany).

Corporeal realities

Corporeal realities is a drawing performance which wanders in time and space. It is the artist’s journey of self-reflection. It explores the performer’s identity throught the limits/contours of her own body. Identity, as the performance, is represented as a process. It never ends and it always changes through time and space. It moves, it re- writes itself, it reacts differently to the surroundings. It crosses other’s lives and it vanishes with time as the chalk traces on the floor. It is the representation of the mark one leaves on people and places. Where does the body end? And where does the external world start? What norms regulate the borders and interaction of those two spaces?
Corporeal realities is a journey of appropriation and empowerment. It is the sign of a knowledge that gives agency over one’s freedom. It is said that through our body we interact with the world; through our body it is determined who we are and what we are allowed to do... How much power do you have over your body? Do you actually even know it, in all its curves and edges?
You are welcome to take a chalk, join the artist and start drawing your contours to explore your body in its dialogue with the other performers, the audience and the city.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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