Charlie Wardle

A young artist from Shrewsbury, studying sculpture at Camberwell University (year starting 2018-2019). Her work includes mostly different types of printmaking techniques and sculpture in an abstract style. The forms found in her work arrive from figurative drawings that have been weaved in and out of 2d and 3d works.


This piece is made up of several different processes, relief prints (lino and woodcut prints), paper cuts, lid embosses and sculpture. I have chosen to include a variety of different works that form one final piece, this is because I wanted to show the variety of different shapes found in different individuals. This project started with exploring the human figure, and more specifically hands. I began by deconstructing the human form through line and shape to create drawings and designs that I have turned into prints, papercuts and sculptures. I have created work in this style because I was interested in working in a more abstract way but still wanted to ground my work in reality. I looked closely at Jean/Hans Arp's work and let that inspire decisions that I made during this project.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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